Current Products

  • Katahdin Lamb - being sold by the whole lamb for 2019. 100% grass-fed.
  • Eggs - From truly free-range, heritage-breed hens fed with 100% organic and locally-grown feed. Find our eggs at Argus Farm Stop in Ann Arbor, MI (deliveries every Monday) or visit us on the farm - email first to make sure we're home.
  • Chicken - Pastured and fed with 100% organic feed. Bone-in breasts, whole birds, livers, gizzards. Bone-in breasts can be found at Argus; visit the farm for the other cuts.
  • Beef - 100% grass-fed Dexter beef. Ground beef, soup bones, and suet. Ground beef can be found at Argus; visit the farm for other products.


100% Grass-fed Katahdin Lamb
Our lambs are fed nothing but grass – no grain, no sweet feed, nothing that isn’t green and leafy. We use an intensive rotational grazing strategy which makes the best ecological use of our land. The lambs are supplemented with a mix of organic kelp meal and sea salt, which they eat at their leisure and gives them needed vitamins and minerals. No hormones, no insecticides. All lambs are sold by the whole, based on hanging weight.

Pastured Poultry
We raise our pastured broiler chickens in floorless “chicken tractors”, which are moved daily to a fresh patch of pasture, where they eat the grass, pick the clover, and scratch for bugs. Their feed is 100% organic and non-GMO grains and organic supplements, such as kelp meal and probiotic mix, which is entirely grown and sourced within Michigan. Available by the whole bird or as bone-in breasts), and all are shrink-wrapped, frozen, and ready for your kitchen. Livers and gizzards available by the pound.

Eggs from Organically-Fed Hens
Our free-range flocks ( currently Columbian Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds, Aracaunas, and Buff Orpingtons) are fed - in addition to what they forage in the pastures, trees, and woods - the same feed as our pastured chickens – 100% organic and non-GMO grains (locally grown) and natural supplements. Our hens are truly free-ranged, meaning they could organize an expedition to Canada if they desired. However, they tend to stick around the farm.