How To Buy

How to Buy From Us:

  • Visit us here at the farm and buy directly from us. Give us an email first, as we don't have "hours" or any formal business facility. Most people set up an informal "see you around five" sort of thing with us that works great. If the weather is nice and you have the time, take a little tour of the farm while you're here. Kids and dogs especially welcome.
  • CONTACTLESS sale - if requested, we can work out all product and payment details remotely, and have your purchase ready in a cooler for contactless pickup.
  • DELIVERY - To Ann Arbor, Lansing, Brighton, and Jackson areas. Minimum purchase and nominal delivery fee applies. As above, can be contactless (as long as you have a cooler or something like that, set out on your porch or stoop).
  • Lamb is also sold by the whole lamb at $5.95/lb hanging weight plus processing. 2020's lambs averaged 59 pounds, with a range between 54 and 62 pounds. The next processing date will be October 25, 2021.  We use Jones Farm Market in Saranac, MI as our processor - USDA certified - and the processing cost in 2020 was $95. We will pick up the meat from them and store it at our farm, so unless you live close to Saranac, there's no need to drive up there. Please contact us directly with any questions. We really encourage you to come out and see the lambs before you decide; we're confident you will see that this is how the food you eat should be raised. Once you decide to purchase a lamb, a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required that goes towards the purchase price.