Our Three Principles:

#1: Animal welfare is our first concern at Zatkovich Pastures. We do everything we can to ensure our animals are physically healthy and comfortable; free from stress, hunger and crowded conditions; eat grass and organic feed; and, most importantly, live well.

#2: We are a grass-based farm and, accordingly, everything revolves around grass. We use symbiotic strategies wherever possible to maximize the biodiversity and fertility of the pastures. We are stewards of the land we are using, and as such, we add to it, not take away. Instead of manure being a pollutant, as is the case on a feedlot, every bit goes back into our soil, one way or another. We use rotational grazing strategies to avoid over-grazing any areas. It’s a big, synergistic dance that results in happy animals, fertile soil, and rich grass.

#3: Neither of the first two principles matter without transparency and honesty. We invite questions, interrogations, skepticism. Come visit us. Ask questions. Take pictures, peer into the dark corners, see for yourself how we operate and how the animals live. Take a bit of our chicken feed into your own hand and assess its integrity. Ask more questions. Do some research. Visit other farms. Only buy our products if we gain your trust. That’s how food decisions should be made.